N-Boost Frass

The 100% All Natural Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner

N-BOOST is an all natural, Frass based, soil conditioner which helps to stimulate healthy root and plant growth. There are no added chemicals, it is all natural Frass.

N-Boost is produced on our smallholding in the Swansea Valley, one of the gateways to the very beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park. We have always been ‘nerds’ when it comes to the weird and wonderful, so keeping insects and bugs along with the traditional

animals you see on a smallholding is the norm for us.

In 2016 we started talking about how we could diversify

and the answer was literally in our hands – so forwards a

few months and we are now the proud producers of  N-Boost frass soil enricher !

N-Boost is produced and packed at our smallholding where we can oversee every stage of frass production right up until the lid is put onto the tub.

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